Letters from The Little Shop of Flowers


admin | 2017.03.19





お花をおくりたいけどオンラインで届けてくれる英語サイトがなかなかないと思っている国内外の方々、 ぜひ、ご利用くださいませ。

Since The Little Shop of Flowers opened, we’ve had the pleasure of creating flower arrangements for such a diverse group of customers. Due to our flourishing network extending overseas, we’ve had many requests to create a English-friendly online shop. We listened carefully and put together a simple online shop in English, tailored to bilinguals living in Japan, as well as our Little fans overseas who want to send flowers to a friend living in Japan, and we also made our pressed flower frames and goods available for international shipping. We’re excited to see how this site blooms into connecting with more Little Shop of Flowers customers, so feel free to browse around and share with friends!